Wayward Paws Co is a small LGBTQ run pet + human wear and supply business located in Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in handmade pet gear for adventuring pets. Everything in our shop is handmade by us or sourced from other small businesses.

1. When will my order ship?
Our processing times can vary. You can visit the shipping page for the most up to date times in case there are any delays. Please remember, these times are subject to change at any time based on the number of orders received. This does not include shipping time. You can check the current status of your order at any time by logging into your account. If you do not have an account, you can create one by clicking 'Log In' on the left side of our menu bar.

2. What if I need my order faster?
If you need your order for an event PLEASE let us know beforehand so we can work to make sure you receive it in time. If your need your order faster then our normal processing times we do offer a rush option. Send us a message to inquire about it.

3. Will you participate in my giveaway?
Right now we are only participating in giveaways for our ambassadors and other small shops.

4. When will my preorder item ship?
Preorders will usually notate when the item will ship in the actual listing.

5. Do you ship worldwide?
Yes we do! Contact us with any questions!

6. What do I do if my package is missing?
If your package is missing during transit sign up for text alerts through USPS.

If your tracking number marked your package as delivered but your package is not where you expect it:

1. Double check that the shipping address you entered at checkout is correct
2. Check your tracking number and review where your package was delivered (mailbox, front porch, back porch, mailroom, etc.)
3. Make sure you check with anyone else in who lives in your home to make sure they did not already bring your package inside.
4. Check with neighbors to make sure the postal service did not deliver your package to their house by mistake.
5. Call your local post office and speak with the supervisor or manager on duty. Ask for the location (specifically the GPS info) where your package was left. In some cases the postal service will mark a package a delivered 1-2 days prior to delivering them.

If you are still unable to locate your package, please click here to file a claim.

7. Can items be customized?
Almost every item in our shop is made to order. This means almost every item can be customized to fit your pet. If you need a different size than what is on the product page, add a note to your order and we will adjust the size as needed. Please note, some adjustments may require an additional fee. We can turn any bandana into a snood. Just contact us to talk about it to make sure we have enough fabric for your request.

8. Can I order an item in any kind of fabric?
Most of our fabrics can be made into bandanas, collars, scarves, etc. If there is a certain textile you like that you do not see listed on a product page, send us a message and we will let you know if it is available.