Care Instructions

Wayward Paws Co is a small LGBTQ run pet + human wear and supply business located in Phoenix, Arizona. Everything in our shop is handmade by us or sourced from other small businesses around the US and world.

We have created Care Instructions for our products to ensure they last as long as possible.

1. We recommend you handwash your bandanas and snoods in luke warm water with mild soap. All serged edges are glued to ensure the thread does not come undone. If any part of the bandana begins to fray you can glue that part down with any clear fabric glue.

2. For Wild Wear fabrics, we also recommend handwashing with warm water and mild soap. Make sure all metal attachments are dry when finished.

Our shirts are either made from Heat Transfer Vinyl or Screen-printing. Both types of shirts will benefit from the instructions below and ensure your shirt lasts as long as possible.

Wash and dry garments inside out. By turning the shirts inside out, you’re giving the vinyl a layer of protection during the wash. While washing and drying clothes, they’re rubbing up against each other and that abrasion during washing can cause your vinyl to peel prematurely.

2. Choose a cold temperature setting for the wash. High temperatures can weaken the adhesive on the vinyl which can cause the vinyl to peel or crack.

3. You should also avoid bleach and fabric softeners in order to make the vinyl last as long as possible.

4. Dry on a low/tumble setting or hang dry. Just like when washing, you won’t want to dry your htv shirts on high heat. If you stick with tumble dry or low heat, you should be good to go. If possible, you can hang dry your htv garments for best results. Hang drying will minimize any wrinkles you see in htv after washing.

5. Do not iron directly on a heat transfer design. Just like you never iron directly to the vinyl when applying, you won’t ever want to do that after laundering. The high heat on the vinyl will melt the vinyl and or burn the adhesive.

6. If your design has lifted slightly, place a t-shirt over the spot, and iron (on medium) over the spot for 10 seconds.

1. All mugs should be handwashed and not placed in the dishwasher to ensure the vinyl remains intact and lasts as long as possible.

Scarf Sets:
1. All human scarves can be washed on a delicate cycle with mild detergent. The scarves should be hung dry.

1. It is very important that you do NOT leave your pet alone with any wood or resin tags. These tags should NOT be ingested or chewed on.

2. Resin is pretty hard-wearing but to get the best out of your piece and ensure it lasts store your tags out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the resin to discolour and soften. Some solvents such as cleaning solutions and nail polish remover can react with the epoxy and cause it to become scaly, yellow, chip or break down completely.

3. There should be no need to shine or buff your tags. Spot cleaning with water and mild soap will help it remain clean.