About Us

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Hi! We are Sam and Courtney, founders of Wayward Paws!

Wayward Paws is a LGBTQ-run pet and human supply small business located in the United States. Wayward Paws began in our apartment in Phoenix, Arizona. Our story began with selling dog and cat bandanas on Etsy and has evolved into what you see today. We have evolved to create a unique product, the Snood, that solves problems pet owners may have with bandanas. We define a “snood” as an infinity scarf for your dog or cat. The snoods were created out of a need for an alternative to bandanas which drag, fall off, or get chewed by pets. Snoods slip right over your pet’s head, rests on their neck, and are generally more difficult to chew or fall off. 

Everything in our store is handmade by us or sourced from other small businesses around the U.S. and world. When choosing to source an item, we place great emphasis on the quality of the products chosen and the values of the brand who will have a presence in our store. 

Wayward Paws was created to inspire people to create memories while sharing the unforgettable bond between pet and human. We believe no adventure is complete without them by our side. We have continually chosen the fox as a hallmark of our branding. The fox represents many things, but for us it represents what our pets continually remind us: to stay playful and a little bit mischievous. 

We strive to create a fun-loving, playful community with our members, who range from homebodies to rugged adventurers to anyone in between. Join our instagram family and share your favorite unforgettable moments!

We hope you enjoy the Wayward experience. Don't forget to join us on #WaywardWednesday!