#ThrivingThursday - ZippyPaws Puzzle Time

"My mission in life is not to merely survive, but to thrive and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style." - Maya Angelou

We all understand how life can be one hectic blur. Task after task. Get home by 5, start dinner, clean the table, walk the dog, get ready for bed, etc. (Even more hectic when kids are involved.) We're on autopilot, surviving each task until the inevitable time we crawl into bed ready for the next day.

As thankful as we are to have a home filled with tasks, we have to remember to take a small portion of each day to not only survive - but thrive.

Thriving moments are where belly laughs, smiles so wide eyes are wrinkling and lightheartedness are found. Where dog grins and hanging tongues are seen. Each week we hope to bring you a thriving moment for you to share with your family and pets. Where 5-10 minutes can be found to enjoy each others company.

This week we've pulled out one of our pups' new Christmas toys (we like to spread out the joy so they don't get them all at once). It's a Zippy Paws - SmartyPaws Puzzler (See the photo below). This puzzle is an interactive toy from ZippyPaws that teaches dogs problem solving skills for a fun and engaging way to receive treats or food. This game has different levels of difficulty for advanced pups or those just starting out.

We love these types of puzzle dog toys because they are a fun way to get your pups interacting with the world around them while also providing mental stimulation. These toys can be used to curb boredom and stimulate a natural curiosity they have.

Sophie (our red merle pup) isn't to fond of puzzle toys, especially the ones that require some doggy problem solving skills. She'd rather wait it out and get the treats after or throw her ball down begging for it to be tossed. Harrison (our black haired shaggy boy) on the other hand LOVES them. No matter which toy gets put down in front of him, he's on it. Pawing the plastic, nudging it with his nose, moving it all around the living room. He's thriving.

When we saw this toy from ZippyPaws we knew it would be a fun time for not only him, but Sophie too. It has three different skill levels for them both to enjoy. Sophie snags the easy to reach treats, while Harrison bunkers down to get those pesky slides opened.

Puzzle toys can be filled with a variety of treats or just plain old kibble. We filled this Zippy Paws puzzle with training treats and some of their breakfast kibble. (On our last visit to the vet, she might have mentioned both pups looked incredibly healthy and probably shouldn't gain anymore weight. Not that we'd ever mention that to Sophie or Harrison).

Here, Sophie and Harrison are trying out this puzzle for the first time. Sophie, as expected, gave up after a few minutes due to not finding any treats easily but Harrison persisted. He found most of the treats on his own but did require some human intervention to show him how the flaps worked. We like to help them out so they experience only rewards and pleasure with their toys. The next time he does the puzzle, he will get less assistance as he figures it out on his own. (which is way too fast sometimes).

Purchase your own Zippy Paws puzzler here. The first two orders will receive a free bag of Nutro training mini bites to use with the puzzle.

Head on over to our Instagram to see more pictures and a video of the puzzle in action! Be sure to tag us in any photos trying any of the activities so we can see your pups thriving and be sure to check out next week's thriving moment.


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