We all have things in our lives we are passionate about. Things that set our souls on fire. It’s amazing when we get that first taste of something that inspires us. It's turns on a switch inside us that nothing else can. Closing your eyes, you can feel it moving through your whole being, needing to be released. Sometimes it can take the form of a hobby, sometimes an act of service.

Life can be a hectic whirlwind. Somedays it feels like pieces of you are dragged in so many different directions you'll never be whole again. We get so lost and far from our passions, that feeling becomes a memory. It's hard sometimes to imagine why we shove that feeling, that calling, to the back of our minds.

Take a minute to remember your passion, what makes you feel alive. Writing, drawing, painting, cooking. See it in your mind, feel it in your bones. Remember the feeling you had the last time you let yourself get lost in it. The fire inside.

Some of us have turned this passion into a career and can feel it every day. Some of us only have a few minutes each day. We owe it to ourselves to feel this feeling, otherwise, when will we ever find how far it can take us? Take your passion by storm, do whatever you can to taste it as much as possible. Set your soul on fire and live.

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