Adventuring with Zizou: Packing for the Outdoors

Ever wondered what to bring on adventures like @zizou.adventure.ears does? Read the next in our series guest written by Zizou's mom herself.⁠ ⁠

Below is a list to help guide you while you pack a hiking bag for your pup. Every dog is different and may require other items on the trails. Always be prepared for different outdoor conditions such as cold or wet weather. ⁠

  • Eco friendly Poop Bags it’s so important to remember bags out on the trail no one likes to see dog poop while out on a nice hike. You are responsible for your pup outdoors so always clean up after them.⁠

  • Doo Doo Tube because I do not like to smell what I’m packing out⁠

  • Rexspecs if you have a dog with sensitive eyes or are in an area with extreme conditions these can be so important to protect your pup.⁠

  • Snacks: DoolingMonsters Fruit Milk Chews, Osispantry Beaver Tail and Happy Tails Chicken Jerky⁠

  • On longer hikes I bring a pack of Portland Pet Food so we have plenty of energy for the long trek back.⁠

  • First aid kit, you never know when you need to wrap a paw or pull out some cacti spines⁠

  • Natural Dog Company PAWTECTION we put this on before the trails but pack it in case we need to reapply⁠

  • Bowl for water and to rehydrate some chicken for longer hikes⁠

  • Water lots and lots of water.⁠

  • An extra Wayward snood in case we need to wet one to cool down.⁠

  • We always bring our light up collar in case we end up in the dark, an easy way to keep track of your pup on the trail. ⁠

  • And if you have room we always bring a small towel to warm up, dry off or just to rest on.⁠

Remember you are responsible for your dog, please respect the rules of each trail. And always clean-up after yourself and your pup.⁠

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