Adventuring with Zizou: Biking with your pup!

How to Enjoy a Nice Bike Ride with your Pup

Big and small dogs can both enjoy biking but it does require a little bit more work than just throwing on a leash.

The first decision is will your dog run beside the bike, ride in a backpack, ride in a trailer or a basket? This is a decision that is completely up to you and also depends on your dog. Larger breed dogs tend to run besides the bike because who wants to carry 60+ lbs on their back? Whereas smaller breeds tend to ride on the bike because they might not have the stamina to keep up.

If you are having your dog run beside the bike make sure that you check with your vet first and if they approve of the activity level then you can slowly build your pup’s stamina. It would be unwise to take your dog out without any training or introduction first. You do not want your dog or you to get hurt by the bike. Some dogs require booties to protect their paws, while others can run fine without them. Just always check in with how your pup is handling the ride. It’s better to slow down and have a great day then to push it and find yourself with an injured dog. There are also lots of leash adapters out there for your bike so that you can maintain a good distance between your bike and pup.

We personally use the K9sack since our pup does not have the capability to run for long distances next to a bike. We slowly trained him to get into the bag so to create a positive association with the pack rather than force him into it. We like all of our adventures to be fun for our pup and us. He also wears his Rexspecs on the bike to avoid any debris from getting into his eyes. Rexspecs also makes it easier for him to stick his head off to the side and enjoy the wind on his ears. The pack is great for longer and faster rides.

We occasionally use a basket for shorter distance or slower bike rides to the park. Make sure to always secure the basket properly to your bike and secure your dog into the basket. This way they do not jump out or create an unsafe situation while biking.

No matter which way you choose to bike always pack the essentials, water, snacks and poop bags. This should be an enjoyable activity for everyone. But keep in mind every dog is different and some may not enjoy biking, that is okay there are plenty of other adventures you can do together.

Abide by all the rules of the road and don’t forget your own helmet to protect yourself. Happy Biking!

- @Zizou.adventure.ears

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