Want to be apart of the WPCO community? Simply fill out the application below!
All of our Models receive a personal discount code to use and a code to share with their friends/followers. Earn shop credit every time your code is used. Selected Models will be notified via email.

What are we looking for?
1. We're looking for individuals that are excited and have a passion for our brand. We don't require you to already own something from us but we do require you to make a purchase if you want to be an model We want you to be excited and proud to show off your gear!

2. We love adventure but that does not mean we only love accounts that are always outdoors. Adventures can be anywhere such as your backyard, your living room couch or walking through the city. We encourage you to spend time with your pet and create your own definition of adventure.

3. Engagement! We love to see our models engaged with their community! We don't require a certain number of followers, we just like to see you posting!

4. Bright and clear photos! The better the photo, the more awesome it will look on our site and instagram! If you're outside be mindful of the sun and shadows. This can be harsh lighting. Photos in the shade can sometimes come out better. If you are home, utilize the room that has the best light! The brighter the photo, the more clear it will be! 

5. Our team is like our family. We celebrate each others accomplishments and support each other when needed. We love talking about not only business but life as well. Being highly involved in out chat is not required but you might love it! 

What benefits will you receive?
1. You will have access to a 15% off code for all products on our site and we will create a personal code for your followers so they can get 10% off.

2. Every time your code is use you will receive shop credit towards your next purchase. We calculate this at the beginning of every month. 

3. Access to out WPCO community group chat. In this chat we discuss new potential products, share new prints, allow for preordering and enjoy each others company!

We're currently closed to new models. Check back soon!